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  • Comprehensive report with color pictures, Homeowners guide for moisture and mold control

  • Price includes one Kitchen, 3 bathrooms, and living space up to 2000 sq ft

-Plumbing, Structure, Heating & Cooling, Exterior, Roofing, Interior, Insulation and  Ventilation,  Humidity and Temperature

- Extra Suite Package - $75 including:  Additional kitchen, laundry, 2 bathrooms 

- Call for a custom quote on very large homes 905.922.5437

- See Sampling and Laboratory Fees for extra samples

    Rival Inspection Services does only the Mold Inspection and testing…We DO NOT remediate or clean mold. You need to avoid companies that do both the testing and the remediation. At Rival, we believe it’s a conflict of interest to do both. Protect your investment and hire us to help you. Once the remediation process is complete, we'll do another visual inspection along  with air sampling to confirm that the process was successful. 

Limited Mold Inspections: Starts at $400 -  Includes 2 air samples


    The limited mold inspection does not include a visual examination of the entire building, but is limited to a specific area of the building identified and described by the inspector or client. As a result, Section 3.0 of  IAC2 Standards of Practice will only apply to the area being tested.

Our Mold Inspection Process

    We want the mold inspection process to be transparent and understandable to you, in order to ensure the best experience possible. Carried out by a certified mold inspector, our process involves:

Initial Consultation:

    You suspect the presence of mold based on the reasons provided and contact us for trusted, professional advice on the issue. Through this initial consultation we will help you to identify the possibility of the presence of mold. If it is determined that mold is indeed present, we proceed to the next step.

Visual Inspection: 

  • Look for visual signs of mold including water stains and moisture intrusion.

  • Record humidity levels and temperatures.

  • Check suspect areas with a surface moisture meter to detect moisture in wall cavities.

  • Use an infrared thermal imaging camera to look for possible water intrusions.

    The visual inspection will indicate which rooms need to be air sampled along with an outdoor control sample. If a surface area is suspect, such as a carpet or piece of furniture, a swab or physical sample is taken and sent for third party laboratory mold analysis testing.


    Next, you will receive a written mold analysis report that will interpret the results, followed by recommendations. The lab results are legal documents and include individual identification numbers. This provides you with complete transparency, and the benefit of knowing the test results are fully reliable and accurate.

Recommendations and Removal:
    In the event that the mold analysis and report recommend the removal of mold growth (mold remediation), we will recommend that you seek the services of a certified mold remediation specialist to carry out its removal. As mold removal can be hazardous, strict guidelines are followed in accordance with the Canadian Construction Association’s Mold Guidelines for the Canadian Construction Industry. The mold is then safely removed using negative air pressure machines and HEPA filters by fully-certified removal experts in protective gear.

Final Air Sampling:

    Following the mold removal, we will revisit your home to confirm that the mold infestation has been completely removed. This includes final air sampling of your environment and visually inspecting all previously moldy surfaces and areas before giving your home or business a clean bill of health, or recommending additional remediation. 

Do I Need a Mold Inspection?

    There are a number of reasons that make a mold inspection a sound decision.

  • Health - The existence of mold can cause serious health issues, especially among the young, elderly and those with respiratory problems. A professional mold inspection can spot and prevent the further spread of mold, protecting you and your family.

  • Real Estate Transactions -  A Mold Inspection will search for mold growth on walls, ceilings and insulation. Plus,different humidity levels between rooms may cause hidden moisture problems. These problems can, over time, be highly expensive to repair and hurt the value of your property.

  • Former Flooding -  A Mold Inspection will search for previous flooding, hidden leaks, suspected leaks and the chance of re-flooding – potentially expensive issues that may all lead to mold growth.

  • Drug Houses -  A Mold Inspection will search for toxic mold caused by former residential ‘Marijuana Grow Operations’, many of which end up condemned or require extensive mold remediation in order to make them safe to live in.

Complete Mold Inspections: Starts at $625- Includes 2 air samples

    Rival Home Inspections will do a complete visual inspection on your home looking for water leaks, moisture issues and mold contamination. Test equipment such as boroscopes, moisture meters, hydrometers and infrared thermal imaging cameras will be used to look for these issues.

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