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 The smell associated with cigarette smoke is actually a chemical. This chemical bonds to the walls and fixtures, and is constantly recirculated throughout the building through the ventilation system. Covering up a tobacco smell with paint will only temporarily remove the smell. Over time, even within weeks and months, the chemical will begin leaking through. Masking this chemical with air fresheners is also a temporary solution. The only way to ensure the smell does not return is to eliminate the chemical itself. Ozone is a safe and cost effective way to accomplish this.  (Note: Once a smell has been painted over, ozone cleaning will not be effective since ozone can only deal with smells on surfaces; it cannot penetrate paint layers)

Helpful Hint

  • Do you want to raise your rent and leases?
  • How many units are you losing money on because of bad odors?
  • Do you have non-smoking units rented only to find out the tenant was smoking in it?
  • Do you want to lower your vacancy rates?
  • Want to turn a smoke smelling unit into a non-smoking unit overnight?
  • Would you change your pet smelling units into fresh smelling units?

    If the answer to these questions are YES, then the team at Rival can help you. If you're losing tenants to your competition, try using ozone to make your units smell fresh and clean.

Landlord and Property Managers

In the past, removing bad smells from properties was only temporarily possible by applying a fresh coat of paint, shampooing carpets and wiping down all the walls. Thanks to ozone shock treatment, smells caused by cigarette smoke, food such as curry, animal related smells, mold/fungi smells, don't have to be viewed as normal wear and tear. In fact, if you would like to cater to a smoking tenant without incurring additional cost, offer them this package. They are more than welcome to smoke all they want as long as they pay for the ozone shock treatment when their lease is up. This win/win situation provides freedom to your tenants without compromising your need for a clean, fresh-smelling unit afterward.


    Certain homes will sit on the market unsold because of offending odors like cigarette smoke, certain foods, animal related smells, mold/fungi smells and even VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) given off by new carpets, fresh paint and chemical cleaners. Ozone will economically and safely neutralize any unwanted odors reverting back into safe breathable oxygen after the procedure is complete. Since the smells are broken down at the molecular level, they aren't just covered up, they're destroyed altogether.


Automobile Dealerships

    Leased or used vehicles can have odor issues because of cigarette smoke, animal oils and hair, that can be difficult to remove, even after detailing, because odors can become trapped in the fabrics, as well as in the heating and ventilation ducts of the vehicle. Ozone treatment can quickly and effectively deal with these smells, leaving a vehicle smelling like it has never been smoked in, or had pets in it at all. After the car has been completely cleaned, this 20 to 30 minute ozone treatment will take care of the rest. The smells will not come back unless whatever created the smell in the first place is reintroduced.

Taxi, Car Rentals and Limousine Services

    Odors caused by vomit, alcohol, and other substances brought in by passengers can be especially difficult to remove from carpets and seats. Simply cleaning and covering up the smell with air fresheners may not be effective because of bacteria present in substances. After cleaning and removing odor sources, our certified deodorize technicians (with the help of a liquid deodorizer and ozone) can completely remove this smell. Even tobacco and cigarette smell is no problem for Ozone Shock Treatment. Treatment could take as little as 30 minutes.

Removing Unpleasant Odors from Businesses

   Ozone Shock Treatment (OST) is the safest and fastest approach to eliminating unpleasant odors in business environments. Using an ozone generator, normal air is passed through a machine, which bonds single oxygen molecules to regular oxygen (O2). When released in high concentration from the
machine for the appropriate time period (see time guidelines for more information), ozone cleans the surrounding area as it breaks down and converts back into safe, breathable oxygen. The reaction that takes place in this atomic conversion completely destroys organic odors. It doesn't just cover up smells, it eradicates them altogether. And, because ozone is entirely natural, leaving no chemicals, residue, or harmful by-products, it is the ideal eco-friendly and environmentally responsible solution.

  • Ozone can remove odors from toys, carpets, changing areas and even areas where diapers are stored.

  • Daycares can be home to more viruses, bacteria and germs than Jails or Hospitals.

  • Ozone is 100% safe for use in daycares since it leaves absolutely no chemical residue behind.

  • Children are more prone to infection from lingering bacteria and germs than adults due to their immune system not being fully developed.

Important Note About Ozone Shock Treatment

The source of any odor must be removed before ozone treatment. If the smell source is not removed (e.g. garbage, mold, dead rodents, etc.), no amount of ozone can eliminate these odors completely. The treatment areas must also be properly cleaned for ozone shock treatment to work properly.


    Daycares can be a haven for bacteria and infectious diseases and other nasty germs. Toys and other items can be very difficult to keep clean and can spread germs and viruses as they are shared between children.


   Ozone is perfect for eliminating the odor causing bacteria that can take residence in daycares. Ozone employs 100% activated
oxygen that is environmentally friendly and leaves no toxic residue so it's a completely safe treatment for daycares. Depending on the size of the facility, the cleaning can be finished in as little as 24 hours.

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